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August 2, 2019
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6 Signs of Male Infertility

6 Signs of Male Infertility

Male infertility is an issue that affects over 2.5 million men in the United States. According to Cornellapproximately 15 to 20% of couples attempting to achieve pregnancy are unable to do so”, and 50% percent of those cases end up being related to male infertility. It can be a frustrating time trying for a baby. Many men don’t know how to move forward or where to go for help. However, catching the signs for male infertility lets you know you need to see a urologist. Here are 6 signs for male infertility.


Changes in Sexual Desire


You may have male infertility if your sex drive takes a nosedive. Your body may be low on testosterone, and low sex drive can be a symptom of many causes. This can flare up in many ways. You could have problems ejaculating, or maintaining an erection. It is a leading male infertility symptom that should be looked at in any case.


Abnormal Breast Growth


Enlarged male breast tissue can be a sign of male infertility because of your testosterone hormones may be out of balance. Estrogen could still be affecting your body. It can also affect your ability to sexually perform. This can also be a symptom of obesity and a lack of nutrition. You need to consult with your doctor as treatment exists for this situation. There are also multiple medications you can take.


Decreased Facial or Body Hair


If the hair on your body is decreasing, it may be a sign that your testosterone levels are low. It is a small change in body functions but can indicate male infertility. You need to understand that male infertility symptoms are sometimes subtle. Make sure you do not discard this for just getting older.


Testicular Pain


Testicular pain is a leading cause of why men should see a urologist. Not only can it be a sign of male infertility, but also in some rare cases, prostate cancer. Testicle pain should not be taken lightly, and you need to report any pain to a medical professional. Remember to also keep your prostate healthy through methods such as working out, or not smoking.


Small Firm Testicles

If you feel that your testicles are firm and smaller than usual you need to get them examined. Small firm testicles can affect your health, but often the procedure to correct the issue is non-invasive. Testicles are involved in producing sperm. Sperm count is important when it comes to male infertility because a low count of sperm means it is harder to get pregnant. Any concern about your testicles should be discussed with a urologist. 

The process of conceiving a child can be challenging. If after a year of trying to get pregnant you still have not conceived, you need to be tested. Testing should be performed by a professional urologist. If you have any concerns about male infertility or if you display any of these symptoms, contact a urologist right away. At Northwoods Urology, we pride ourselves on being progressive, innovative, and compassionate.

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